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Our Objectives

Objectives of Grace Social Welfare Trust

  • To the establishment, aquisition, maintenance and support of Schools, Theological, Colleges, Study Centers, Orphanages, Hostels, Research Institutes, Universities, Technical Institutes, Medical Institutes, Medical and Para Medical courses and other institutions or funds imparting education and training of students .
  • To the establishment of schools of state/regional boards as well as CBSE and ICSE boards etc.
  • Grant subscription and donations to hospitals, dispensaries - convalescent homes, asylums, nursing homes and other public institutions for administering medical relief upon such terms and conditions and for such period as the Managing Trustees may think fit.
  • To provide education to the general public without distinction and discrimination of any kind on the grounds of religion , relogious community, caste and creed of blood. Scholarships shall be granted to poor-cum-intellegent students.
  • To spreed general awareness amongst the public for preserving and storing the rain water and promoting rain water harvesting. The Trust will implement rain water harvesting in all its establishments.
  • To establish support of professorship, Lectureships, Fellowships, Scholarships and prizes and establishment of endowments at any schools, colleges, universities or other institutions for promotion of education and knowledge.
  • To the Establishment and maintenance of Hostels and/or Boarding houses and Grants of fees boarding lodging to students or scholars upon such terms and for such period in such case as the Managing Trustees may deem fit.
  • Grant of monetary assistance from time to time to any schools, colleges, Universities and other institutions which impart to provide education or education assistance in any branch of knowledge and for such terms in each case as the managing Trustees may deem fit.
  • Award of Scholarships, Fellowships and Grant by way of loans and otherwise and on such terms and condtions as the managing Trustees may think fit for purpose of undertaking persecution research in any branch of knowledge.
  • Grant of monetary assistance including scholarships an/or loan to the students or scholars whom the - Managing Trustees may deem to be deserving thereof to enable them to receive such education and qualification as the Managing Trustees may approve including academicals, professsional, vocational, technical,and upon such-terms and for such period in each case as the Managing Trustees may deem fit.
  • Supply of books, food and clothes and fees to students or scholars or grant of monetary assistance to them for such purposes as aforesaid
  • To the establishment, maintenance and support of libraries, museums, reading rooms and other facilities means of advancement of education and knowledge.
  • Promotion of education and learning in all branches of knowledge.
  • Establishment, maintenance and support of dispensaries and hospitals with or without medical schools or colleges and nursing institutions for traetment of patients suffering from diseases of any kind and accident.
  • Establishment acquisition and maintenance and support to hospitals, dispensaries, maternity homes, sanitariums, study centers, medical schools, or colleges or institutions imparting medical knowledge.
  • Grant of medical help during epidemic, famine, flood or earthquake or any -unforseen occurance or an act of God or war like operations, riots, civil-commitions and such and similar-occurances
  • To construct, maintain and manage community halls, meditation halls, halls for lectures, discourses and debates for advancement of knowledge and gaining mental health, peace and stability.
  • To establish, maintain and manage libraries and reading rooms.
  • To start and manage centres for training youths in self-employment and job-oriented courses.
  • To assist unemployed person in starting their own business by making self help Group under NABARD, National Women Fund, Banks etc
  • To cnavas and to have programs for afforestation and ecological balance.
  • To have programs for all-round development of villages and rural communities.
  • To grant Scholarships and freeships and free food to the poor and deserving students.
  • To establish and develop institutions for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarted persons and to provide them education, food, clothing or other help.
  • To Grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as institutions. Establishments or persons engaged in such relief work.
  • To communicate with and keep liason with Central Government, State Governments and any other concerned departments and authorities in India and abroad on all subjects relating to activities of the Trust.

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