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Adult Literacy Program


Illiteracy is a major roadblock to development, often resulting in the dis-empowerment of vulnerable communities. Illiterates are unable to read any signs, health warnings and obtain the benefit of government services and programs. They often fail to see the value of education for their own children resulting in perpetuation of the poverty cycle that afflict most illiterates.

The Adult Literacy Program is a development project that aims to overcome this roadblock through providing quality literacy programs to disadvantaged communities in urban slums and remote rural areas. Pilot programs have indicated that basic adult literacy has created personal empowerment and awareness amongst pilot group beneficiaries. This has in turn resulted in a paradigm shift amongst the beneficiaries of the pilot programs who now see the value of educating their children.

The project provides reading and writing skills training through its Adult Literacy Centers. Each center provides 30-40 illiterate people a primary education.

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